With my friend Tündi


Spare your guessing, she’s the hot one and I’m the ‘had-way-less-patience-to-draw-that-stupid-face-of-mine’ one.

Anyways, it’s the first photolike drawing by me that I’m truly proud of (and probably the last one due to certain personal issues).


Time, drawings, Lindi

You might have noticed that after a promising (let’s just say it was) start I kind of abandoned this brand new blog of mine. Like I’m such an important person, I don’t even have time for drawings anymore. That’s not entirely true, it’s just that this time of year is particularly busy with all the birth- and namedays of people who play an important role in my life. Which means that although I’m drawing almost all the time, I can show you none of those, not until they are given to the person they are intended to.

Right now I’m on two big projects which I’m dying to show you but I can’t just yet. Until then, here are some pictures of my komaasszony, Lindi and her husband from an older gift. (click for bigger)


Well aren’t they just adorable!

Survival Tips For Perpetually Cold People


Essential Equipment For Winter

  1. HOT TEA
    It doesn’t matter if you’re not thirsty at all. What matters is that finally your hands aren’t icy.
    It is a common misconception that a blanket is only for sleeping. It makes us warm just fine at daytime as well.
    Take one cat on your lap. If you’re very cold, take more.
    A true perpetually cold person is only less cold even using these. Therefore you need to make sure that there is an hour every day when you’re not cold at all.